Monday, 18 September 2017

Don't Under Estimate On-Page SEO Techniques

A term that you have probably heard around but aren’t quite sure what it is, is On-Page SEO. It is something that even though you may not recognize it from the name, it’s something you’ll be doing every day if you have a business website.

On-Page SEO is the techniques you use to make your web page more search engine friendly. If it’s something you haven’t considered before, here are some good tips on how to maximise your On-Page SEO strategy. If you don't want to do the on-page yourself, you can hire a company like Zepper to handle your SEO.

To start off with, it is something so basic and yet you see so many business websites get it wrong. Consider your web content before you put it up. If you spend the time creating great, readable and natural content to start with for your website, you won’t have to spend so much time trying to convince search engines to give you a better ranking. Your aim is to write your content so that it is easy for search engines to scan through and understand what your website is about.

As much as your content is written for search engines, it should be written for users as well. This is a huge part of good On-Page SEO techniques. The aim of the game is to get visitors to your site and keep them there. So your content needs to be designed to entertain customers and meet their needs.

It can be good to keep in mind a fact that doesn’t get said very often. On-Page SEO can do the job on its own. It is like anything though; it needs to be done properly and considerately. But when it is, On-Page SEO will cover the majority of your SEO needs. Then, any off-site SEO you do will just be an added bonus in contributing to the traffic that will already be heading to your website. And of course, with any SEO strategy, you will implement, you will have to keep up maintaining it. Through analysis of different areas successes or fails, you will soon learn which of your On-Page SEO techniques you will have to update.

It is vitally important for all you online business owners out there to remember, that off page SEO comes after On-Page SEO. Start with your web design and its efficiency and layout, and then move on to your web content, in the end, you won’t have gone wrong.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

7 ways to drive traffic from social media to your website

Social media is a powerful way of getting traffic to your website or blog. But this is not a easy task in these days. However, If you honest and serious about your business. With your positive effort, you can go toward success.

7 ways to drive traffic from social media to your website

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube

How to get traffic from social media

Always keep in mind, the primary goal should be provide valuable content to your fans or user’s. And secondary reaching targeted audience.
We all know that a familiar site “Facebook”. In the world, number one popular social media site is facebook, but the facebook is not a first social media site. We discuss, many social media sites below.
Facebook is used extensively, across the globe. For entertainment news popularity fans customers all well as branding and business promotions. But our objective, how to driving traffic from facebook to your website?
Facebook page
If you have not a facebook page: Create stunning facebook page and put all information about, contact details a unique logo & cover photo now
Facebook Share
Share your website content to facebook page. You need to regular update your status and page, because your fans want to more from you. Don’t hert your fans.
Try to understant what the want, and imrove your strategy. Provide fresh and amazing contant.
Ask questions
Ask a question on your page to participate more user’s. The question should be a short sentence and relevant to your page and site.
For example: If your site related to travel, you can as a question like this “Most popular honeymoon destinations”
For related health site “How to weight loss paractical ideas” etc.
Link in a photo description
Even a post on your facebook page in description section put a link. For example: you upload a photo related your product or service you need to put your website link, like this see below
Link in about status or description
Write stunning social media profile and describe your brief website pages, And put a link there. For example about us, contact us and your most popular categories. When user hit on th link and redirect to your website.
Share others blog and website content
This is a great strategy to share others content to your page, but that sharing most be relevant or your niche.
You have any specefic ideas about how to get traffic from social media. Share below in comment section, and send direct via contact form, I will add your exprience in this post. If this article helpful for you please share with your friends.